Melancholy science has not been well translated.
Anonymous anthropophagi.
The impossible arrives without warning.
Repeating errors, eroding distances.
Antipathy and its fatalistic moments.
How did you come to have anything to do with me?
Who is coming from my good bye?
The “ultrapassavel” contradiction.
Broken by a feeble cause.
Coincidences between subjects of exchange.
Between people and objects, reality weighs heavy.
They are driven by hedonism, and their asepsis allows them to see themselves as the subjects of media exploitation, with a price.
Lost pre-economic way of life
There is intelligent life in hope.
Animal genocide as a reflection of the global human concentration park.
Puzzling softness from the terrible.

A certain passiveness toward the neurotic minutiae of the exhaustive.
Wittgenstein had the same history teacher as Hitler.
The passion for biography without language.
Mise en scene without emotional development
The world’s index of resistence has fallen again by 15 points.
Conversation remains a stimulus for five out of every 50 humans.
The interpretative codes for the hatred of animals which do not look like pets have expanded.
Museum directors from all over the world admit their desire to be quoted at the stock exchange.
Astrologists are proposing the creation of a less narcissistic code of conduct.
New prisoners and new sentences. Registrations in prisons show that behavior is getting more and more unpredictable.
He optimises a kidnapping in the media.
Of the emptying of time as an obstacle for forgetting.
Coincidence among audiences.
It was called poetry for its entire dramatic existence.
We replenish the contents of reversible news.
To simultaneously imply and satisfy something.
A sign for wealth (the numismatics of money)
Chambers of language which are specific but never nominal
The fact that I am hyper-human is news.
Final world.
Password to continue.
It happens to the remains.
All news is an act of necrophilia toward the final world.

Non-verbal, yours in writing.
Anonymous anthropophagi.
Private list full of impersonal objects.
A poetic analysis of the cultural features of a city does not redeem their impact on the media and their responsibilities.
It is a pattern of behaviour or a shared kick.
The bottom of the sea defends its sovereignty.
Every job marks a difference: in leisure it is a question of class.
The need to chrome distances.
Hunger soon, the majorities of the Earth’s crust communicate.
What conditions your fictions?
Gaps in the surface of reality and assumptions in the home of truth.
A precaution by delaying a sick note.
Change the sand and water in the place of Truth and Truthfulness.
My portion of solitude as a way to rest.
From adept love to addicted love.
Reversible news agency.
The ingenuity when visiting a museum.
A slow digestion and a swift one.
It would be in our game: time-out.
It is impossible, then, for capital to access work.
The most absolute desire for authoritarianism hides behind the cynicism of multi-interpretation.
The replacement of truth by truthfulness is not good business.
It is important to coexist with the excess of life.
The banning of the game is the opposite of the idyllic location of experiences, the continuation of time-out.
In our paradise, work would have been inaccessible for capital, and leisure would not exist because of an endless “lack of time”.
A centrifugal conversation.
The aporia of post-dramatic experience: the reversal/investment of birth.
Every experience of happiness.